Export potatoes from Bavaria - we are Quality in potatoe farming

Potatoe Export

Being active in the potatoe export for many years now, we have mastered the challange of logistics with international partners while providing a very convincing price-performance ratio as direct marketer. No unneccessary overhead cost, just good quality potatoes in many standard varieties sold ex work.


To satisfy your and our high quality requirenments our potatoes are stored at constant 4°C in our air-conditioned warehouses. Shortly before you picking up the potatoes we control them one last time by hand. Only by doing so we can guarantee our continuously high potatoe quality. Of course we trade our potatoes according to RUCIP and Berlin Agreement.


We do everything for you to have an easy logistical process. Hence, we offer all the standard packaging sizes. Beginning with the smallest standard bagged goods of 2,5 kg up to 25 kg, our biggest packages contain up to 1200 kg.


Customized Solutions

You wish something, that goes beyond the standard and requires an individual solution? Of course, we will try to elaborate a feasible solution with you. Write us an email or give us a call - we are happy to help!

Straw and Spelthusks

Besides potatoes we also offer straw and spelthusks pressed in pellets the whole year. You can purchase them as pellets in 10 kg and 15 kg sacks.